To Your Outdoor Living Space

At Tuff Industries, we've witnessed many changes with waterproof vinyl decking since 1986 and we have gained a great deal of experience over that time. Tuff Industries has utilized this knowledge to assemble a complete collection of vinyl decking products accessories. and options to help with your next outdoor waterproof decking project.

With over 30 years of experience in the vinyl decking industry we have developed some of the most innovative waterproof deck products by staying on the cutting edge of PVC formulations, concepts. designs, and manufacturing technology.

There's probably not a waterproofing or decking question (or inquiry) that our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff hasn't addressed. Our waterproof decks have been installed on thousands of outdoor living spaces. and we've helped to expand and educate the industry in general on the most effective use of waterproof vinyl decking products.

If you choose one of our Tuff-branded vinyl decking products. you can have confidence knowing that we demand quality in everything we make, ensuring the waterproof decks we manufacture meet the highest standards in the industry.


Tufdek™ is the industry's leading supplier for "roofing approved" exterior vinyl waterproof decking used on outdoor living areas including waterproof roof decks, balconies, sundecks, roof-top patios, walkways, or above grade concrete slabs. Tufdek™ has the industry's most unique and sought after waterproof deck designs that are only available through a select group of "Authorized Factory Trained Dealers".


Econodek™ is an easy to install waterproof vinyl decking system used on balconies, decks. rooftop patios and concrete slabs. Econodek™, a "Tuff Signature Brand," is not a cheap paint-on coating like some other deck products, but a textured, waterproof sheet vinyl that fully adheres to your deck or patio surface. Deigned for contractors, Econodek™ includes easy-to-follow installation instructions, video tutorial, deck calculator, and an inside sales and support team. This makes Econodek™ the right choice for homeowners and professional waterproof deck installers alike.

Tuff-Shield™ is a skid-resistant, all weather. single-ply waterproof vinyl deck covering made from 2 Layers of PVC film laminated over a reinforced polyester scrim. We specifically designed low maintenance Tuff-Shield™ for professional waterproofing contractors who have experience in the installation of single-ply roof and deck membranes but wanted a better deck waterproofing product than what is currently available on the open market.