Masterful Performance

Everything tastes better al fresco. But the imprecise heat control on most grills can make outdoor cooking a hit-or-miss proposition. Wolf grills change all that. They give you the same kind of precision control and ease of use features as their indoor counterparts – Wolf ranges, ovens and cooktops. Sear a filet, grill ram’s horn peppers, smoke trout or applewood bacon. Just imagine the juicy possibilities.

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Stout, 3/8"-thick stainless steel grates retain and radiate more heat for more even grilling (and coveted restaurant-style grill marks). These grates will not rust or chip. A spring hood assist opens and closes the stainless steel hood with a light touch. The heavy-duty, concealed springs eliminate 50 percent of the weight, and the handle design keeps hands away from the hot grilling surfaces.


Wolf outdoor gas grills use two types of heat, direct and radiant from ceramic briquettes, to achieve the ideal temperature range and uniform heat distribution that are the keys to flawless grilling. Direct heat from the gas burners delivers high, searing temperatures (via a total of 130,000 Btu on the 54" model) and rapid preheating, while radiant heat sources distribute temperatures evenly.

Stout, 3/8"-thick stainless steel grates retain and radiate more heat for more even grilling and restaurant-style sear marks. The stainless steel grates will not rust or chip, and they clean nicely with the supplied Wolf grill brush.

To take the guesswork out of nighttime grilling, dual halogen lights inside the grill produce brilliant white light for a true picture of the grilling surface.

A powerful, 25,000-Btu sear station on the 36", 42", ad 54" models emits exceptionally high heat to sear meats faster and deeper, sealing in flavourful juices.

Wolf's ignition system is the most reliable in the industry. Push in the knob, and a hot coil ignites the gas. Wolf briquettes emit consistent radiant heat that, combined with the burners, provides even temperature distribution.

LED lights positioned above the Wolf signature red knobs make it easy to adjust the controls in dim light. Black knobs are also available as a sales accessory.

It's called a warming rack, but with three positions, it can do so much more - roast vegetables, slow-roast ribs, warm buns, and keep foods ready to serve without drying them out.